Why looking for a Russian woman?

ome men ask us about why should they be looking for Ukrainian, Belarus and Russian women. And say they don't believe the hype that they are all feminine, marriage minded angels. They also say that they are sure that there are good and bad girls in every country. So, given that a Russian woman is no more likely to be a great woman than a girl in my Europe, USA, Mexico or Australia. They also ask about why should they be considering these beautiful and sexy women.


We actually agree that not all Ukrainian and Russian brides are angels, as some dating sites want men to believe. Definitely there are many evil, manipulative Russian women and there are many amazing, honest Russian ladies. And not all American or European women are evil and conniving, either.

While the quality of Russian and Ukrainian women as compared to European or American women can be quarreled forever, an even better reason for trying to meet a Russian girl is quantity. Remember it's a numbers issue. A man can meet more women in any Slavic country in one week than he can in one year in his local area. And the more women a man meet, the greater the chances of eventually finding the one for him.

Now, a typical man can visit Russia for two weeks and basically meet as many women as he can. Surely there is a chance that he will be stood up, though our experience says that this is rare. Some girls will cancel the date and some will avoid him when he tries to get a second meeting, though again, based on our experience this happens considerably less than with lets say with French women. But no matter what happens, We can guarantee that he will meet more than 6 females and will have more than one who will be interested in him after two dates.


Many say, a Ukrainian girl only want to meet him because he is a foreigner, and this is obviously true considering Ukrainian and Russian women join marriage/dating sites/agencies to meet foreign men. But a first meeting is always based on something shallow. Any time you ask a stranger out on a first date, she is agreeing to go out with you for some phony reason-likes the way he look, knows you're rich, has nothing better to do, wants to go to a restaurant you invited her to, etc. She doesn't know much about you, so she certainly isn't agreeing to meet you based on your character.




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