Mistakes Men Make while dating Russian women

f you are having a difficult time finding your potential Russian wife, you must be doing something wrong. Here are a few dating mistakes men should avoid when looking for Russian women for marriage.


While communicating with Russian women via email, Phone, Skype, try to avoid being materialistic. If you talk all the time about the things you have, your money, car, house, this can be a problem. A really marriage-minded Russian woman wants to know more about you than what house you own or the size of your bank account. If you want to attract a sincere and honest woman, and not a gold-digger, make sure you speak about things other than your material achievements.

Another dating mistake a lot of men make is being too superficial. Every man dreams of finding a beautiful looking woman, but if an outstanding and grate appearance is all a woman has to offer, men will have a hard time building a long-term, successful relationship and marriage. When you imagine your dream Russian wife, try to focus more on her personality and inner qualities.


Quotes from the web:

Talking about an ex is an absolute ‘no no.’ This is a huge turn off for Russian women. The woman in front of you wants to feel as if you have no one else on your mind other than her. If you’re talking about an ex within the first interaction, she will fast forward to what it must be like to have a date with you and picture you complaining about the ex

- Sex on the first date is a big NO! (I learned that the hard way).

- My top dating 7 mistakes are:

1- lying to make yourself appear more attractive
2- pretending to care when you don't
3- Wearing the wrong type of clothing to a date
4- Getting drunk
5- Bringing your Mum :)
6- Forgetting your wallet
7- And last but not least.....the biggest mistake when dating is to forget you’re the woman’s name!

- My top dating mistakes are:

- Talking about your ex-wife or girlfriends on the first date with a Russian girl
- Talking about marriage on the first date. You can really scare your Russian woman. If she knows you want commitment right away, she will be intimidated.
- Showing terrible manners on the first dating. Examples of this include: Being rude to the wait staff, horrible table manners, being insulting towards the woman, making obscene comments in general.
- Constantly calling someone even though they have not called you.
- Always talking about yourself and not trying to learn about her.
- Saying "I love you" too quickly. If this comes up to early in your relationship, it can scare the Russian woman off. Make sure you mean it when you are in love, and give your date time to feel the same way as well.




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