How to please Russian and Ukrainian women

t is really hard to say if Ukrainian and Russian women are simple and easy to please or not. Every lady is unique and has her own requirements and standards. Happiness for a woman is a relative thing which depends on her previous experiences. Yet, here are some little humorous hints and tips on how to satisfy a woman from Ukraine or Russia.

Russian women

To please her all you need to be are:

- Husband
- Lover
- Friend
- Father
- Teacher
- Entertainer
- Plumber
- Cook
- Mechanic
- Stylist
- Psychologist

At the same time you should not forget to:

- Give her complements
- Adore shopping
- Always be agreeable
- Be less annoying and irritating
- Hate Victoria Secret models and Playboy bunnies.
- Like her family
- Always find time for her and give her some space at the same time
- Remember her mother’s birthday.

But, to be serious, in many ways Ukrainian and Russian women actually are not so much different from any other women. They like being cared for, loved, respected and listened. These women can easily spot men of words, and favor men of action. They need someone to rely on and feel protected with. They like men who are kind, reliable, have a sense of humor, self-esteem and responsible. Therefore if you can provide this all, then you will please a Russian or a Ukrainian woman.

Ukrainian woman

Quotes from the web:

- No two women are alike. What pleases one might not work with the other. Maybe that's the key. You have to sincerely try to get to know your woman and what she likes. Learn small things about her. What is her favorite candy? If it's a Snickers bar, then surprise her sometime when you know you'll see her. She'll feel so special because to her it means you were thinking about her when you were apart. Just discover little things about her, but don't overwhelm her. Take your time. Be a real gentleman. Treat her like a lady and open doors for her. In other words, do whatever you have to do to make her feel unique and special. But it's up to you to figure out what that means to the woman you are trying to please.

- We have to learn to shift from "me" to "we" as the essential focus of our lives. Committed and life long relationships can survive ups and downs, but some behaviors can make more lasting damage.




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