The difference between Russian and Ukrainian women

here is a suggestion that Russian and Ukrainian women are very similar in mentality, character and attitude towards life. Though there are some differences between Russian and Ukrainian women but they are minor. So what are these differences?

- In contrast to Russian women, Ukraine women are more discriminating and demanding in their relations with men. If the Russian girl was brought up from childhood to be obedient and humble, the Ukrainian woman is a little more capricious. They do not put themselves to step down in relationships with men; they always want to be on equal level. However, such a bias in favor of feminism does not spoil them, but rather adds to the attractiveness and femininity.

Russian and Ukrainian women

- Ukrainian women are more kind and sensual. They are not choosy in expressions of their emotions. Any Ukrainian woman is bright and stands out among the crowd by her individuality.

- Ukrainian women are more thin and petite. Russian women have thicker butts and lips. Russian women are more varied in appearance while we believe that there is some homogeny in Ukraine.

- Concerning the art of homemaking, Ukrainian women can give a handicap to Russian women. They usually live in plenty; they have a lot of tasty food in the fridge that would be enough to sit out during a blockade. And you can eat Ukrainian borscht, dumplings and hundreds of other equally delicious dishes which will always be on the table.

- Ukrainian women have more restrained personalities upon first meeting, but when they open up, they are similar to Russian women. Ukrainian women will dig into your background to see if you are just a sex tourist or single man who is looking for a loyal wife.

- Attractiveness and sexuality. Here we think many people will try to argue that Russian women are the best. The men who had been in Ukraine and Russia clearly confirm our assertion. For the rest, we can inform that the beauty and diversity of the female gene pool due to the fact that for many centuries the territory of present-day Ukraine was inhabited by an entirely different peoples and nations. And this mixing of genotypes and blood has added bright colors to the natural beauty of women both in Russia and Ukraine.

- The vast majority of Ukrainian women can speak two languages, Ukrainian and Russian. The majority of Russian women speak only one language, Russian. However, keep in mind that Ukrainians and Russians are one nation with two very similar languages. (By the way, 70% of Ukrainians are native Russian speakers).

- Russian women give better initial responses to your approach and are more likely to give you their number from a shorter conversation, but are not easier to get into bed.

Russian and Ukrainian women

Quotes from the web:

- Met my wife in Saint Petersburg and assumed she was Russian. Turns out she was Ukraine from Kharkiv. Women are women, you will never understand them but you have to love them. If you love them it won't matter where they are from – Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, whichever planet :)

- I find that both Ukrainian and Russian women are very straight forward and direct but that is from what I understand due to the culture and the tone of the Russian language. The language is much more direct than English and if you are not aware of it, you would think that the other person is not very diplomatic. Russians and Ukrainians will tell you the truth, what they like or not like. There is not much diplomacy. It is a very straightforward language.

- They are pretty much the same but have found parts of Russia to be different where the women are more approachable. In my opinion Ukrainian and Russian women are in general the same.

- I don't have the level of experience with Ukrainian women to say yet. But so far I find that while there are a lot of behavioral similarities between Russian and Ukrainian women, but so I would tend to agree with the generalization above. Additionally I would add Ukrainian women are much more open to western things.

- Met my wife accidentally in Rome, Italy and later found she was from Moscow, Russia. We swapped emails for a couple of months. I visited her in Moscow, fell in love and married her.




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