Map of Ukraine, Kiev (Kyiv) and Odessa
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Country Details
Ukraine gained its independence in 1991, with the break up of the former Soviet Union. All of Russia's former republics then formed the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), with headquarters in Minsk, Belarus. Rich in natural resources, Ukraine was once called the "Breadbasket of Europe," because of its fertile soil and beneficial climate conditions. Sadly, the tragic 1986 Chornobyl nuclear accident (just north of Kiev) still lingers, and dangerous land contamination and radioactivity concerns are viable problems.

Quick Facts and Figures
Official Name Ukraine
Capital City Kiev
Languages Ukrainian, Russian, others
Official Currency Hryvna
Religions Ukrainian Orthodox, others
Population 49,506,000
Land Area 603,700 sq km (223,090 sq miles)
Landforms Mountainous areas southwest (the Carpathians), and south (the Crimean chain). Most of the land consists of fertile plains (steppes) and plateaus. Dnipro River and its many tributaries disect the country.
Land Divisions 24 oblasti, 2 municipalities and 1 autonomous republic

Map of Ukraine

Kiev (Kyiv) map

Odessa map




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