Major Dates in Russian History


c. 860 First Slav attack on Constantinople
Cyrillic alphabet devised

862 - 879 Ryurik (Rurik) as a ruler of Novgorod

879 - 913 Oleg first ruler at Kiev

882 Novgorod and Kiev united

911 First Russian treaty with Constantinople

913 - 945 Igor as ruler of Kiev

944 Igor of Kiev makes treaty with Constantinople

945 - 964 Olga (widow of Igor) as a ruler of Kiev

945 - 972 Svyatoslav I

955 Olga of Kiev baptized

967 Svyatoslav of Kiev sacks Khazaria

973 - 978/980 Yaropolk I

988 / 989 Christianity officially adopted

1015 Boris and Gleb martyred

1025 The town Yaroslavl founded

1037 St. Sophia, Kiev, begun

1043 St. Sophia, Novgorod, begun

c. 1050 ?
St. Hilarion's On the law and the Grace

1051 First native Russian metropolitan elected

1097 Princely conference at Lyubech

c. 1100 Instruction of Vladimir II Monomakh

1108 The town Vladimir founded

1113 Primary Cronicle completed

c. 1125 The icon Virgin of Vladimir was made

1156 The town Moscow (Moskva) founded

1158 Dormition Cathedral built in Vladimir

1187 Igor Tale

1198 Church of the Savior built on Nereditsa Hill, Novgorod

1221 The town Nizhniy Novgorod founded

1223 First Tatar raid

1240 Tatar rule established in Rus

1242 Alexander Nevsky defeats Teutonic Knights

1270 Novgorod signs treaty with Hanseatic League

1300 Metropolitan see transferred from Kiev to Vladimir

1318 Yury of Moscow obtains Yarlyk from Tatars

1340 St Sergius founds Trinity Monastery

1378 Theophanes the Greek active in Novgorod

1380 Dmitriy Donskoy defeats Tatars at Kulikovo

1392 Moscow annexes Nizhniy Novgorod and Suzdal

1405 Iconostasis of Annunciation Cathedral, Moscow

1410 Rublyov's Old Testament Trinity icon
Lithuanians defeat Teutonic knights at Tannenberg

1428 Solovki monastery founded

1453 Constantinople falls to Ottoman Turks

1458 Lithuanians set up rival Orthodox metropolitan

1475 - 1479 Fioravanti builds Dormition Cathedral in Moscow

1478 Ivan III crushes Novgorod

1480 Ivan III ends tribute to tatars

1494 Ivan III closes Hanseatic depot in Novgorod

c. 1500 - 1550 Trinity Chronicle

1503 Church council supports Josephites

1505 Archangel Cathedral, Moscow, begun

1510 Vasiliy III annexes Pskov

1514 Moscow absorbs territory of Smolensk

1532 Church of the Ascension, Kolomenskoe

1547 Ivan IV assumes title of "Tsar"

1550 Sudebuik (law code)

1551 Council of Hundred Chapters

1552 Ivan IV conquers Kazan

1555 Muscovy company formed in London
St. Basil's Katehdral, Moscow built

1564 First book printed in Moscow

1577 Commercial links established with Holland

1582 Conquest of western Siberia

1584 Archangel founded

1589 Patriarchate of Moscow founded

1596 Union of Brest
Smolensk Kremlin established

1598 Fyodor I, last Ryurikid ruler, dies

1605 Time of troubles begins

1613 - 1645 First Romanov ruler
Mikhail Romanov, son of Fyodor Romanov, who later became Metropolitan Filaret begins the era of Romanov dynasty

1618 "Marvelous Church" built at Uglich

1632 Town Irkutsk founded

1649 Ulozhenie (new legal code) promulgated
Church of the Nativity built in Putinki, Moscow

1652 Nikon became partiarch of Moscow

1658 Nikon's New Jerusalem begun

1666 Church council deposes Nikon but confirms reforms

1667 - 1670 Palace of Kolomenskoe built

1670 - 1671 Revolt of Stenka Razin

1680 Mestnichestvo abolished

1682 Archpriest Avvakum martyred

1686 Treaty with Poland confirms Russian possession of Kiev

1687 Slav-Greek-Latin established in Moscow

1689 Treaty of Nerchinsk singned with China

1697 - 1698 Peter I's Great Embassy

1700 Start of Great Northern War

1703 Site of St. Petersburg captured from Swedes
Russia's first newspaper published

1704 Old Admiralty built in St. Petersburg

1709 Peter I defeats Charles (Carl) XII in Poltava

1712 Peter I transfers seat of government to St. Petersburg

1714 Church of the transfiguration, Kizhi island

1721 Peace treaty of Nystad
Patriarchate abolished

1725 Academy of Science founded at St. Petersburg

1740 - 1750 Dukhobor sect founded

1752 Letter on the Utility of Glass by Mikhail Lomonosov

1754 Winter Palace (by architect B. Rastrelli) built in St. Petersburg

1755 Moscow University founded

1757 Academy of Arts founded in St. Petersburg

1762 Centry liberated from obligatory service

1766 - 1782 Bronze horseman statue (by Falconet) built in St. Petersburg

1767 Legislative commission

1772 First partition of Poland

1773 - 1775 Pugatchov rebellion

1783 Annexation of Crimea

1785 Charter of Nobility

1790 Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow by Radishchev

1793 Second partition of Poland

1795 Third partition of Poland

1793 Sitka founded as capital of Alaska

1806 Admiralty building in St. Petersburg remodeled

1807 Treaty of Tilsit signed with Napoleon

1812 French invade Russia

1814 M.Yu. Lermontov born

1816 Karamzin, History of the Russian State

1821 October 30. : F.M. Dostoevsky born in Moscow

1823 Evgeny onegin by A.S. Pushkin published

1825 Decembrist uprising

1830 revolt in Polish provinces

1832 Duchy of Warsaw becomes part of Russia

1837 January 29. : A.S. Pushkin dies because of a duel

1840 Hero of our Time by M.Yu. Lermontov published

1842 Dead souls by N.V. Gogol published

1853 Outbreak of Crimean war

1860 Vladivostok founded

1861 Emancipation of serfs
Fathers and sons by I.S. Turgenev published

1864 first part of the novel War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy (Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy) published

1867 Alaska sold to the USA (for $7.2 million)

1870 V.I. Lenin born in the town Simbirsk (later Ulyanovsk)

1871 First Wanderers' exhibition

1873 - 1874 first To the people movement

1879 first part of the novel Brothers Karamazov by F.M. Dostoevsky published
December 21. : In the town of Gori, Georgia borns Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugasvili (later known as Stalin)

1881 F.M. Dostoevsky dies in St. Petersburg

1891 Building of Trans-Siberian Railroad begun

1897 Moscow Art Theatre founded

1904 - 1905 Russo-Japanese War

1906 first Duma
December 19: L.I. Brezhnev is born in Kamenskoe, Ukraine

1914 - 1918 World War I

1917 February : February Revolution
October : The Socialist October Revolution

1917 - 1920 Civil War in Russia

1918 Treaty of Brest-Litovsk stops hostilities between Soviet Russia and the Central Powers.

1922 April : I.V. Stalin becames General Secretary of the Central Comittee of the Comminist Party
May 25. : V.I. Lenin has a major stroke, then two more and becomes disabled.

1923 The Union of Soviet Socialistic Republics (USSR) formed

1924 January 20: V.I. Lenin dies

1934 December: Leader of the Leningrad Communist Party, S. Kirov is murdered

1939 Nonaggression pact with Germany
November 31: Russo-Finnish war begins

1939 - 1945 The World War II

1941 Hitler invades USSR

1947 - 1989 The Cold War

1953 March : Stalin dies
March 22. : Nikita S. Khrushchev becames the first secreatary of CPSU

1955 Warsaw Pact

1956 Hungarian uprising crushed

1957 Sputnik I launched, the first man-made object in space, displaying advancement of the Soviet space program

1962 Cuban missile crisis

1964 Leader of the state N.S. Khrushchev deposed
October 14. : L.I. Brezhnev becames the first secreatary of CC CPSU

1968 "Prague Spring"

1971 N.S. Khrushchev dies

1977 June : L.I. Brezhnev replaces Nikolay Podgorny as a president of USSR

1979 Invasion of Afganistan

1980 Olympic games in Moscow
Vladimir Vysotsky dies in Moscow

1982 November 10. : L.I. Brezhnev dies from hard attack
November 12. : Yuri V. Andropov elected genearl secretary of CPSU

1984 February 9. : Yu.V. Andropov dies
February 13. : K.U. Chernenko elected the General secretary of CPSU

1985 March 10. : K.U. Chernenko dies
March 11. : Mikhail Gorbachev becames the first secretary of CPSU

1986 Perestroyka begins

1988 October: M.S. Gorbachev elected President of the USSR

1989 First multicandidate elections in the USSR
Last soviet troops leave Afganistan

1990 M.S. Gorbachev wins Nobel Peace Prize

1991 January: Crackdowns in Baltic countries Lithuania and Latvia
August 19. - 23: The Soviet coup (G K CH P)
August 24: M.S. Gorbachev resigns as head of CPSU
December 25: Resigns as president of the USSR




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