Holidays in Russia

Russians love to celebrate, and Russia's public holidays should not be treated lightly.

For the most important holidays — New Year's, Christmas, and the May holidays — many shops close down completely and city streets become strangely quiet. All government offices are closed on public holidays, and most overseas embassies are too.

Sometimes it can be a little complicated figuring out which days the country shuts down.

If the holiday falls on a Monday or a Friday, then everything is simple — it's a day off. If it falls on a weekend, then the Friday or Monday will also be a day off.

If it falls on a Tuesday or a Thursday then the weekend will be shifted a day in the right direction and the Saturday or Sunday becomes a working day, with the three days off being Sunday-Monday-Tuesday or Thursday-Friday-Saturday.

If the holiday falls on a Wednesday then there is no long weekend.

The Official Holidays (Observed)

January 1-5 New Year Holidays

January 7 Christmas, Russian Orthodox

February 23 Protector of Motherland Day

March 8 International Women’s Day

May 1 Spring and Labor Day

May 9 Victory Day (Over German Nazism in the WW2)

June 12 Day of Russia

November 7 Day of Consent and Reconciliation

(The holiday formerly known as the

Day of the Great October Revolution)

December 12 Constitution Day




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