First contact

ere are some advises how to behave yourself to leave a good impression during the first contact with Russian ladies.

- Show her that you are interested in all that concerns her life: her tastes, way of life, her interests.

- Don't speak too much about yourself and especially about your ex-relations with Russian ladies if you had ones.


- Don't count all your personal qualities or knowledge in front of her. Un modest people always leave a bad impression. Instead of this try to show her your sense of humour and don't be very serious and strict.

- Avoid too many details concerning your job. Don't speak a lot at the beginning about your political tastes. Be romantic and express your feelings!

- Remember to wish a Happy Birthday to the women you are keeping contact with. It will make a pleasure for them and will progress your relations.

- To succeed during your phone conversations follow the same rules and smile at that! It might be strange for you, because a person doesn't see you, talking by phone, but over the phone your smile will be heard. It will relax the conversation and will leave a good image of you upon the lady.


- Always show her your interest in the things she trusts you and never interrupt her.
During developing of your relationship, if you wish to have some advises in a particular situation, don't hesitate to contact our Agency. We will offer you advises adopted by your situation.



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