Useful Tips to avoid Russian dating scam

1- Do not use any free Russian dating site where girls can contact you first. These free sites are the hot-beds of con artists and dating scammers. Anyone can sign up there complete anonymous (with fake personal information). So don't use these free sites if you are serious in looking for a future Russian wife. Only use real, legitimate and professional marriage agencies.


2- If you visit a dating site, try to read all the information about it before you start browsing women’s profiles. Possibly their introduction or (About us) and (Contact us) pages could give you some important information of this dating site. Avoid them immediately if they have no phone number and postal address.

3- Read the information we published about Russian dating scams on our other pages. By learning more about dating fraud and scam will make you prepared and in halfway of your success in finding you Russian wife.

4- If you are really looking for completely reliable dating agency which covers all the needs you have related to finding a Russian woman, then we recommend you use only 100% reliable agencies.

5- Always show your honesty first to her. Don't think Russian women will trust you right away after your first email to her. Unfortunately sating scams not only overcome men, but also to many women. Sadly there are also men who are trying unwanted approaches to Russian girls and sometimes these approaches are going very far.

6- Don't get obsessed and paranoid about Russian dating scam, just be cautious … use your logic and common sense. Remember it is just a minority who will try to play scam tricks with you. If you want to read more about this subject please read other scam related pages on our site.

Quotes from the web:

- Only a scammer will start calling you pet names sweetheart, honey, darling, etc even within a few days or weeks before they've ever met you so don’t waste your time with them.

- For some Russian dating sites scam is a business which involved using bogus and fake women profiles. But I am sure some dating sites are more reputable than others. Nevertheless, there are thousand of real Russian women making use of dating sites that can help them reach men they might never have crossed paths with in real life.

- Is online dating a scam? I have tried to use some of the many that are out there, such, e-harmony and Cupid its not the cost that seems to be the scam, but it seems to be that you send a "note" to women expressing interest it goes unnoticed, and yet the only e-mail feeds I have gotten of them are repetitious, and keep conveying the same message, from what seems to be a computer generating them. Am I wrong in asking if they are a scam?




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