Would You Date a Ukrainian woman?

Why do so many men dream of dating and settling down with Ukrainian women? Certainly it can be exciting to date someone from another country. Men look for something new when it comes to relationships, and many of them find it in the world of Ukrainian women. But as like with everything else, there are specific pros and cons.

Ukrainian women

Ukrainian women seem to work very hard at looking good. In their traditions keeping up appearances is very significant and it is something they learn at a young age. In addition to their good looks, these women are not superficial and are very faithful to husbands who treat them right. Ukrainian girls have high family morals and take good care of their children and husbands.

Concerning the cons. If you think that Ukrainian women are more achievable than women from France, Sweden, Germany, Canada, the USA or Australia, you are a fool. In the first place, the language obstacle is the one big issue that will make the woman think twice before she goes out on a date with someone from foreign country. The culture is very different and as conversation develops, there will be a few misunderstandings which can be overcome with time and big endurance from both sides.

Secondly, bringing a Ukrainian woman to your country or going to Ukraine is not a quite simple matter. The relationships of many couples who meet on a dating site end online after they find out about all the documentation and costs that are associated with being together. And even after the marriage, when the Ukrainian woman is already in your country, happily living with you, she will want to visit her family in Ukraine occasionally (maybe once a year), which may be an expensive favor from you.

Ukrainian woman

Quotes from the web:

- Question: Why are almost all of Russian and Ukrainian women so slim? Is it genetics? Do they diet? I know that typical Russian and Ukrainian food is not exactly calorie friendly... so how do they do it?

Answer 1: Most Ukrainian women I know hit the gym for a total burn, and their cloths are very little to nothing, they always wear tank tops, they rarely wear T-shirts but if they would wear one, it would be very tight.

Answer 2: By not going to McDonalds and drinking Coke every day. Ukrainian women do not want to look like American women.

- Men who are reentering the Russian and Ukrainian dating scene after failing marriage might experience some stage fear. They think that they aren't as fit as or as virile as they were in the past, or maybe their hair is receding and graying. Some men are afraid to start online dating because they fear being judged by their appearance. Men might have heard stories about some Ukrainian and Russian women who are only looking for money or a ticket to a new life. Yes, actually such women exist, and any man might come across these women during his dating experiences. Nevertheless, for the most part, the women you are likely to meet are marriage minded, honest and genuine.




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