Why Ukrainian women looking for marriage with Canadian men?

f you don't know why beautiful Ukrainian women looking for Canadian men, find out the reasons below.

Here's one of the frequently asked questions from our visitors: “Why are single Ukrainian women so much interested in meeting with Canadian men? Here is what one of our visitors said: I am Canadian and tried matchmaking and personals sites in Canada. I had actually no luck with Canadian local dating sites. But, when I joined your agency the response was overwhelming .. Why is that?"

Here are 5 main reasons why Ukrainian women looking for marriage with men from Canada, Australia, Mexico, the USA, Germany, France, the UK, Norway, Finland, Spain, Italy and other European countries.

1- Census, in Ukraine there are more women than men. Particularly the number of women in their 30s clearly exceeds the number of men. Also after the divorce, any woman with or without children has less chance of getting married again. According to statistics There are no men in Ukraine to get married to: death numbers of the working age men is very high (This situation is also the same in Russia and Belarus)

Ukrainian women

Age structure in Ukraine:

Between 25-54 years: 9,639,882 men/ 10,274,240 women. Consequently there are 634,358 more women than men in the age range 25-54 in Ukraine.

2- Women in Ukraine are overloaded with family responsibilities: Upbringing of children, housekeeping and earning of money. Moreover, they have to take charge of all everyday troubles and problems that are necessary for their children. But for the sake of truth there are definitely responsible men in Ukraine but women there don't easily meet them. But the truth is that the majority of Ukrainian males abuse alcohol and do not support for their families.

3- Ukrainian women are highly educated and want careers. Depending on where as woman lives in Ukraine, she may find that it is impossible for her to have the career she wants and to realize in the city she lives in.

Ukrainian women

4- Some Ukrainian women are looking to live in a politically and economically more stable country. Of course it’s sensible to say some women want to live in a better economy but we can not think that is what every Ukrainian girl looking abroad desires. There's nothing wrong with that , as long as the woman's feelings toward the man are genuine and sincere.

5- Ukrainian women has a good instinct of choosing a husband of good genes, to support children and family. If a Ukrainian woman sees for example a Canadian man for that basic instinct, then she has made a very sensible choice, not just about money, but also about the future.

Quotes from the web:

- Marriages between Ukrainian women and Canadian men are harmonious and very successful. Families of this kind where husbands are Canadians and women are Ukrainians prove to be long-living, as the roles in the family are distributed. In such families each of the couple is prepared to make compromises and on the whole, superbly performs the role.

- In my city in Ukraine, a population of around 700 thousand, the official tally of women to men is 10 to 8, hardly a noticeable difference, but lets look deeper, I recently attended a university graduation on June 2, my friend is a teacher of English and I was an honorary invited guess, the graduating class consisted of 52 students and only 8 of these were males, the rest were girls, my friend indicates that other universities in the city were about 70 percent female to 30 percent male, what does this say, well of course, the girls place much higher emphasis on education then the males, the two big universities in my city, Ukraine state has 40 thousand students is 60 percent female the other a 14 thousand student teachers university is 75 percent female, but does it stop with education, no, it doesn't, a lack of education most likely means no job skills, which means basically unemployable, factor in the account that many more males here than girls have drug and drinking issues, commit crimes, assaultive behavior, medical, mental health issues, there may be 8 men to 10 women, but the real story is how many of these men are actually suitable husbands. I believe looking at the whole picture, the numbers are most likely 10 women to 5 men, which is a big difference. If you can spend some time in a big or small city in Ukraine, you will notice that the majority of the population are women.

- Currently, Ukraine is suffering from a demographic big problems that could have serious implications in the future. A shocking shortage of men, which has somewhat resulted from their poverty, bad health and low life spans. The State Statistics Committee of Ukraine estimates that the country now has a shortage of almost 3.7 million men, with the average life expectancy for men now 61 years, a dozen years less than the corresponding numbers for women. "The early death rate among working age men in Ukraine is 4-5 times higher than in the USA and Europe"

- Men in the Ukraine engage in various harmful habits, including smoking, high-risk sexual activities, alcohol consumption and drug addiction that shorten their life.




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