Why do Ukrainian and Russian women looking for foreign men?

iving conditions in Russia and particularly in Ukraine are different from the living standards in Australia, Canada, USA and Europe. However it is far from being the single motivation why these women prefer foreign men. If a Ukrainian or Russian woman wants to live in a nice and flourishing city or a megalopolis, there are such cities like Kiev, Lviv, Saint Petersburg and Moscow. However some women do not seek men from these cities. It is definitely not only the city where to live that counts, but also who to live with. Then, why do Ukrainian and Russian women choose foreign men as husbands?

Ukrainian women believe that most foreign men are generally responsible, kind, polite, respective, family oriented and honest. They like courting, flirting, taking care and taking care of their wives. They also believe that foreign men are more open, romantic, gentle, caring and a bit sentimental. They are interested in most of life aspects and they take pleasure in sharing their opinion and experience with their wives.

Ukrainian and Russian ladies who are married to men from other countries seldom face such a problem as drinking. Though some men from the west drink as much alcohol as Russian men, but they do it in a different way. They have a traditional set of rules for drinking. For example, in some countries they don’t drink before a certain time of the day (in Ukraine and Russia men can start drinking in the morning). It is almost impossible to see someone drinking in public places, which are quite a common situation in Ukraine and Russia, or to see a man drinking alone. Most men in the west are more used to social drinking. Ukrainian and Russian unspoiled women value this as in Ukraine and Russia hard drinking is the main problem of family life.

Men from the west try to reach stability and financial independence as early in their life as possible to support their family. They also take time to spend a vacation with their wife in a nice place every year and care about providing their woman with everything she needs. Foreign husbands work hard to provide their children with education, to give a home to their family and a relative financial freedom to their wife.

Due to the high lack of reliable and trustworthy men, many Ukrainian and Russian women have started looking for men in other countries. Because they find security in men from other countries. They know that men from the west try to reach stability and financial independence as early in their life as possible to support their family. This is definitely normal to look for a better partner and a better life conditions.

Quotes from the web:

- A couple of years ago I had the honor of taking a stunning Russian lady to a glamorous upscale New Years Eve party in Toronto. She was recently divorced so was not looking to date again soon but what I do recall quite memorably was the effect she had on all the other beautiful Canadian women, who were stunned by her beauty, aplomb and poise.

- Treat Ukrainian and Russian women like people and not a tool to get sex or a relationship. Show real interest in her skills and hobbies. Don't just humor her as a method to get sex. Treat her like a human being, that doesn't owe you anything for being a woman.




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