Ukrainian women: What are they looking for?

Ukrainian women are mainly well-known for their superb good looks. Ukrainian girls will spare nothing to look wonderful and it doesn’t matter how much time and money it would take. We call it and art! You will often see Ukrainian women touching up their make-up every hour, or taking out the trash in outrageously high heels. Don’t be intimidated! A Ukrainian woman believes that clothes don’t make the real man. Although she’s always glad to help her husband pick out a good set of clothes to match her stunning clothes.

Gorgeous Ukrainian women fascinate many foreign men. Though, their preferences in men often remain a big mystery. Let's try to find what type of personality traits they are looking for in their future husbands.

Self-assured and confident men

When you date a Ukrainian woman, there is one quality that will let you be one step ahead of other men, it is self-confidence. Please do not confuse it with hubris and arrogance. Being modest and shy is not a flaw. On the other hand, Ukrainian women can sense insecurity through men's worried glances, gestures and moves. Remember if you are nervous, this will definitely make any woman nervous too. That is why acting confident and being yourself will show a Ukrainian woman that she has nothing to be anxious or worried about.

Devoted and committed Men

If you are seeking dating with a Ukrainian woman, you need to be family-oriented, loyal, and committed. Ukrainian women who start dating men from other countries know what kind of changes this relationship can bring into their lives. That is why the most important part of it is seeing that their future husband knows what he wants. When a man is not certain if he sees this relationship as a serious one, any Ukrainian woman will be unhappy with that, because women tend to nourish more expects and hopes in a relationship than foreign men do.

Warm-hearted, caring and kind men

Because of common cases of physical violence and abuse in Ukrainian families, Ukrainian women who date or marry foreigners are looking for safety and security in a relationship. That is why caring and kind men are more likely to be appreciated by wise Ukrainian women.

Quotes from the web:

- My wife is Ukrainian. I'm truthfully thankful every day to have such an attractive and beautiful and ethical (and non-drinking) and honest wife. The only problem in our relationship is the food.. Too much of it, and it's not possible to politely refuse it, because it's always so good.

- My experience with American women is that there is not much real individuality; mostly role play for whatever they imagine is fancy. A traditional role as mother and wife is not very attractive to them (unless you go Christian and that comes with a whole package).

- Some advice form an experienced man:

1- Don't rush things.
2- Don't smother her; there is nothing a Russian woman hates more than someone clingy.
3- Be always clean, don't look untidy, that is a huge turn-off, Ukrainian women want to date a prince, not a trash collector.
4- Observe what might interest a Ukrainian woman, and talk about those themes.
5- Observe what stuff she likes! And give it to her as a gift.
6- Be positive, yet, realistic, Russian women tend to be negative, and the last thing women would want is someone who brings them lower than they already are.
7- Be open to change, as some Ukrainian women tend to change a lot.
8- Never be lazy.
9- Use sense of humour, Ukrainian and Russian appreciate it very very much. Just make it a smart sense of humour, silly jokes are not the way to impress these women.
10- Be real, as Ukrainian women hate fakers and hypocrites.
11- Be honest.
12- Don't get offended by her criticism. Occasionally Russian women might criticize but don't mean any harm.




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