Tips to impress Ukrainian women


Nearly every Ukrainian woman wants her man to look the best he could be when he meets her. Each Ukrainian lady wants her man to make her feel worthy of looking his best. Though, for Ukrainian women, it need not look too excessive. A nice composed style and color of jeans and shirt would be enough. Just grab anything and go outfit or appearing in a very casual manner, will definitely never make an impression on women, even Ukrainian women. You should always dress according to the location and occasion. As well, make sure your outfit matches the outfit of your lady. If she is wearing something formal, match it with yours. This will beyond doubt give you some impression points, over anything else.

Be confident

Ukrainian women are not different from other women when it comes to having their man being confident and decisive. So never be the man who asks where you are going to have dinner. You should be the man who always has a plan. Remember women love such men. Regardless of most Ukrainian women having decisiveness in a serious relationship, they want to see if you could match up with their certainty. Ukrainian ladies want a balanced relationship where both of you work to make it work.


You should give her compliments, but you must be sure that they are sincere. Therefore, you need something more original than “You have beautiful eyes.” Try to compliment the way she looks in her outfit. Say something like, “You look amazing in this dress.” It is a good way of giving her credit for having good fashion sense, which is a careful slight mix of her looks and personality.

Be nice

It’s always significant to let your lady know that you always think about their feelings when you make decisions. Always make sure that they’re comfortable with your ideas and plans. Based on women’s experiences in Ukraine, most Ukrainian men tend to be quite rude. Being a man who will make her comfortable, respect and makes her happy, is a very good start.

Open doors

Be sure to open the door for your Ukrainian woman. Though opening the door for a lady is a classic gentlemanly gesture, but be sure to do it.

Ask her questions

When you’re getting to know a Ukrainian woman, you should do your best to make her comfortable with you. This means that you should steer a conversation to a subject she is comfortable talking about, like her hobbies, interests, life, etc. Remember every woman likes to talk about herself. Just be sure to ask open and simple questions and let her steer the answer.

Help her with her coat

If you are looking for simple ways to impress Ukrainian women, you should think about the things your grandfather used to do. It is also a very good way to raise her comfort level with you, furthermore it let you to get close to her (without getting too close).


Quotes from the web:

- I think you already know how to impress American women, only, I think you're looking for someone to say you have some control over it. Actually, you don't, and you recognize it, because the only way to impress American women is to have things about you that you naturally have. If you had these elements, you wouldn't even need to ask this question. Those natural elements are:

a- Tall
b- Good looking
c- Natural Charm
d- Natural Charisma
e- Rich
f- Humorous

That’s pretty much it. If you don’t have at least three of above mentioned elements, you're not going to impress any American woman.




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