Russian women looking for love

Why are Russian women looking for love?

If you are a man looking for a Russian woman, you should know a few rules before dating her. Most women in Russia don't like men to show off their wealth or material things. To win her heart permanently, you must submit your prideful ways. You have to respect her, treat her well and be there for her when she needs you.

Why are Russian women looking for love with foreign men? What is the attraction? A typical shallow answer could be: a foreign passport and money. It is true that there are some Russian women with this in their mind. Though, they do not present the majority of Russian women these days.

First, let's take a look at the reality in Russia. If you ask a Russian man "what is your first requirement of a wife?" 95 percent of them will say "a beautiful woman". It seems a tradition in Russia that men should have a beautiful wife so that they can impress their friends. Even walking down the street with a gorgeous woman on his arm is something to be proud of in Russia.

A very interesting social phenomenon in Russia is, if a woman is a single parent or divorced, no matter how good-looking she is, she would be what people called "second-hand" which is not good. Even if the man himself does not mind the woman's past life, but his family would mind. The pressure from his family will often force the man to leave his girlfriend.

So what is the attraction of foreign men to Russian women? Russian women value very much sincerity and honesty in a relationship, a virtue which many Russian men are lacking. So with foreign men make Russian women feel more secured in the relationship and marriage.

Most Russian women are looking for a loving caring relationship and to have those feelings reciprocated. Normal human feelings and love between men and women need not be judged by nationality.

Quotes from the web:

- Question: Where can I find Russian women who are looking for love?

- Answer: All Russian woman are always looking for love. You simply haven't found the one that is looking for you. Don't worry about it and never rush. These things have its way of working themselves out naturally.

- Question: What are most Russian women looking for: love or a fantasy relationship with the rich man?

- Answer: I say Russian women are no more shallower than men. I mean there are some men's personals that I have seen where men are asking for long legs, blonde hair, of a certain height or something like that. I think that is very shallow too. Since not everyone is going to always be that way. For sure some Russian women are very idealistic at times about relationships. But I say the best way for any man is to just be real. Have like 4 top characteristics or even 8 characteristics they want in a woman. And have it be practical things, 1. age, 2. Education, 3. Job, 4. Able to have fun. This is just an example of some realistic things a Russian woman should look for. But men should do the same in this part. I mean most men get into relationships expecting a fairy tale princess. I say that isn't being real with yourself or with anyone else. Go for the realistic and you will never be disappointed. As for myself, I'm just looking for a Russian woman to understand me and we can work on the other stuff down the road.

- Question: Are many Russian women 20-24 looking for love very often? I sincerely want a relationship of love because in the past sex destroyed my previous relationship. I am just wondering if I'm searching in the dark to find a lady that's looking for love like I am at my age?

- Answer: Most of them are. You either have to get to know them on dating sites. I know plenty of women there are looking for real love and not a casual relationship.




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