Would a Russian woman marry an Indian man?

ell friend, I don't know who are you and where are you from, but I know you wont believe that the I am having the same situation, I live in India, I love a woman she is from Russia, good educated family, we know each other since last two years, we met on a dating site, just during fourth time of our Skype chatting, I just direct proposed her to marry me, this was not fun.

Russian woman

I was really serious, and still now I am serious, she came here India to meet my parents, I also went to Russia to meet her parents and all, now we are going to marry in October next year, we both will marry in both traditions I mean as Indian and Russian tradition, we both are very happy with each other, well I have told her the economical conditions about India, when she came to India, I did not show her any Indian high society, I just shown her simple Indian society the truth about India , the true daily Indian life, then I asked her again, if she still want to marry me even if she has to live in such conditions with me? She said yes, so we both are determined, we both love each other a lot.

I know she will face so many problems in India as like cultural difference, status problem, language problem, living status, food problem, but still we both will manage together, I am sure I will provide her a good life, I will do everything for her happiness, but we both are ready to adjust in each and every condition, we both decided to not to change even religion neither her nor mine, she will be always Christian and I will be Hindu, but we both will follow both religion, my parents are ready, her parents are ready, I am ready, she is ready, so my dear friend I don't know I love her or not, I don't know if she love me or not, but I m sure we both have something for each other that we both can spend our all life together, and I am sure we will live happy.

Though she is on reputed designation, she is M.Tech, I have finished MBA, we both are sure for our future, everything is planed here very well, so I will suggest you and your girlfriend, if you are determined then don't worry about anything, don't listen anyone, just go on, and then face together whatever may happen with you both, be together in each condition, say that person who is from Russia, to learn little bit Hindi, and you also should learn little bit Russian ok, look at me, I can understand Russian now very well, even my parents are learning this language, and you will wonder that she is learning Hindi there in Russia and even her parents are trying to learn Hindi language, so my dear friend this is called how to make relation ok, if she loves you she will marry you.




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