How to protect yourself from Russian girls scams

re Russian girls real or scam? The answer is Russian girls are real bur regrettably, there is always people ready to empty the pockets of men who are seeking a foreign wife.


How can you recognize a Russian woman scammer? Here are some simple signs of scam.

1- The email you receive tend to be general. Your questions about her personal life are not being answered.

2- A very big age difference between you and the Russian girl.

3- Her early claims of love though you haven't met in person yet.

4- Money request (No matter what the reason is).

Russian girls scams

So how to protect yourself from being scammed? Here are the some easy and simple ways that can help you avoid Russian scammers:

- Never send money to a woman you haven't meet in person. The majority of scammers ask money for travelling to the men's countries. So be logical and send her a ticket or better go a head and visit her first.


- If the woman has extremely gorgeous and beautiful appearance, then the photos may be not her (The photos may be stolen or copied). You can ask her take a photo with her mobile phone and send it to you.

- If you are talking to her only via the agency messaging system (in case of the agency didn't provide you with her direct and personal contact details). Ask her for her email address, phone number or Skype name. Be sure to call her using Viber.

- Do it as soon as possible and travel to Russia, see how she lives meet her family and friends. All your suspects and questions will be answered just in one visit.

- And finally; If a man has BRAIN first of all he wouldn't send money to a Russian girl he has never met in his life!

Russian girls

Remember the majority of pretty Russian women are real, honest and marriage minded. They are looking for love and truly want to start a family due to bad demographic situation in Russia.

Remember the rewards of finding a beautiful and loving Russian wife outweigh all the risks.

Try to use above safety measures and you will be safe from Russian dating scammers.


Quotes from the web:

- Question: Are Russian girls, scammers or not?

Answer 1: I have email exchanged with some Russian girls I met on a paid dating site and am currently engaged to a beautiful and amazing one. Prior to meeting her I was contacted by several girls (on free Russian dating site) who turned out to be scammers. Most of the time they will give you there information so you can contact them.
I would say it depends on how you were contacted by a woman. If she contacted you on yahoo or match she is definitely a scammer. If you met her through a legitimate Russian marriage agency then she is more than likely for real.

Answer 2: I talked to a Russian girl for awhile, she seemed really honest and sincere until she said that she would come visit me if I sent her money, a complete scam, never sent money of course. On the other hand, I am corresponding to a girl in Russia and she has never asked for money in almost 4 months. I have talked to her on the phone and exchanged emails and photo. She wanted to see me and invited me to Russia for a visit, so I am going there soon :)

Answer 3: NO of course not, not all Russian women are scammers, just don't send her money. By the way my father's friend (Mexican) married a Russian woman he met on an agency.

Question: Why have I found Russian girls on free personals sites?

Answer: These Russian girls are scammers, if indeed they are really girls. Don't fool with those Russian girls (and they probably aren't even girls). They will send you photos of beautiful models (which definitely isn't even them) and after several emails back and forth they will tell you they are falling in love with you and want to come and visit you or marry you. Before it is all over they will ask you to send them enough money for a plane ticket and probably will tell you that they aren't allowed to leave Russia with less than 2000 US Dollars in cash and want you to send them this sum. When they get all the money out of you that they can, you will never hear from them again. These girls (if in fact they are really girls) are probably sending these same emails to thousands men at the same time, so beware of these Russian scam artists on free Russian dating sites. Better find yourself a reputable and legitimate marriage agency.




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