Mistakes Men make on the first Date with Ukrainian women

ne of the most significant issue is how to behave during the first meeting with a Ukrainian woman. Many women judge about the future relationship by the first meeting with a man, which is why the first impression is very essential. Below are some mistakes and gaffes men make on their first date with Ukrainian women.

1- Talking only about yourself

It is true that the Ukrainian woman you go out with for the first time will want to find out about you as much as she can. So try to answer all her questions, ask her questions and give her an chance to talk about herself as much as she want.

Women like talking about themselves. If you have managed to get the woman start talking about herself, show how genuinely interested you are by following the conversation carefully, asking more questions, showing interest and curiosity.

2- Showing a Ukrainian woman that she is an object of your sexual desires

Any woman in the world likes to feel attractive and desired. Nevertheless, the first dating is not the right time to undress the lady with your eyes except if she gives you a sign that she is interested in sex. If that does not happen, the better way to proceed is to focus on learning about her interests and hobbies. An exciting conversation will be sexier for an Ukrainian woman than any vulgar, offensive and blatant behavior. Be sure that your sincere and genuine interest will show her that you find her sexy and attractive woman.

Ukrainian women

3- Talking about your previous relationships, ex-girlfriend or ex-wife

Never speak about your ex-women on your first date. Never talk about how badly they treated you or why you broke up with your ex-wife. Also never ask the woman about her ex-boyfriend either. If she wants to, she will tell you herself about her previous relationships.

4- Coming in a stained jacket or shirt

No Ukrainian woman wants to see her first date in a stained shirt. Ukrainian women pay particular attention to men’s appearance.

5- Being very shy

Ukrainian women like confident men. Though, it seems that nowadays men get shyer and shyer if the woman is more sexy and beautiful. Ukrainian women are very beautiful which can be very frightening for some men. So we recommend you stay confident even if you are out on a date with Miss Ukraine.

Ukrainian women

6- Being it excessively formal and serious

It is very important to make the Ukrainian woman laugh during the first date. Keep in mind that the moments which she will remember most are those when you made her laugh. Remember keeping your dating with her enjoyable is a very good way to make sure there will be a second date with her.

7- Paying no attention to woman's mood

As soon as you see that the woman is distracted, thoughtful, is looking around too many times or even yawning, change the topic of the talk immediately. The best thing to do is to ask her interesting questions and making her think about the answer as it will certainly save her from boredom. Of course this suggestion works not only for first dates.

Quotes from the web:

- Question: The dos and don'ts of a first date with a woman? Just wondering, if anything, what is the most common mistake men make on a first date with women. When it comes to the clothes we wear, the atmosphere we pick, the conversation/attitude we present.

- Answer: Perhaps the main mistake a man can make on a first date with a woman is not being oneself. Eventually the truth of who you really are as a person will come out, so why not be honest about it from the start? Remember, it's natural to be a bit nervous. Don't worry, the other person will be nervous too (regardless if it's noticeable or not). Just take everything in stride, and don't fret the small stuff. Let things unfold as they will.

- Answer 2: Here's what I would normally do if I were to go on a date with a woman.

Take a shower
Wear a nice cologne but please don't exaggerate
Brush your teeth and use mouth wash
Comb your hair
Dress casually
Take her to Movie theater or Restaurant or Picnic at a park
If you're going to hang out with her longer, watch the sunset.. then take her home.
Talk about the current events
Be polite

Put a strong cologne (strong odor usually makes everyone dizzy)
Try to kiss just let it happen
Don't talk about Rated R stuff
Don't be a jerk and act like you're the coolest person on the planet.
Don't dress with XXL clothes (hip-hop style, but some women might like it .. but not all)
Don't take her to a club
Don't try to get her drunk
Don't try to touch her inappropriately
Don't say bad words
Don't try to show off (giving big tips and buying expensive stuff) just be yourself...
Don't talk about other women or compare her to the people you see around. Only talk about "ex's" if she asks you.
Don't try to flirt a lot
Don't burp, fart or do anything nasty in front of her.

- Answer 3: Talking about ex's.. No eye contact.. eating certain foods that get stuck in your teeth/make you have bad breath/stick on your mouth.. Being rude, not having common manners... Find a atmosphere that you would think is preferable by her and what she would be comfortable in.

- Question: How to make a woman laugh? I'm sick of keeping quiet around women in fear of embarrassing myself. I want to be confident and know how to make girls laugh.

- Answer: just think of small jokes and say them regularly, nothing too sexual, and always look confident.

- Answer 2: Just be yourself and act the same way you would around your friends! Don't try to force it or you will definitely come off as cheesy, and I don't know many women who like that

- Answer 3: Start by knowing that forcing yourself to change is not possible. Change is slowly nurtured. I assume your aim is more to be confident than to make women laugh.

My female friends, just after graduation from university, told me that they find me quite cool/attractive. But my problem was that I don't tend to carry their conversations with me.

I totally didn't realize, but then I attributed it to my lack of confidence.
I cannot really talk much in front of women (I was known for being the most extreme among my men friends, doing pretty much any **** the first)

So I simply answer them in fear of appearing rude.

I don't reciprocate their enthusiasm.

Over the holidays I worked. And tried to be more confident during that work.

I observed confident men talking to women. They talk and appear interested, sometimes teasing, usually ending with a question to continue the conversation. Their body language. Not laidback... Open. Welcoming. Like an invisible hug/handshake.

I started by just making myself feel enthusiastic about an conversation.
I answer them , no need to be too relevant. Maybe include some details.
(Take note not to make lies, because the more lies you make, the more untruth you'll have to remember.

Don't be too cool/cold. Be warm. Happy. Friendly. Agree happily with what you agree. Disagree .gently. with what you disagree.

Show. genuine concern for what you ask. (Or else you uninterested reaction might put them off)

Tease slightly if you can, and feel comfortable doing that. (I don't so I don't)

Don't hold your hands together. Open them, leave them a bit out of your comfort zone.
Don't behave like a waiter waiting for instructions. Don't be cool and stuff your hands in your pockets.
Face them. Don't whip your head back and forth.
Look at their face instead of eyes if you're too shy. Look into their eyes occasionally though.

When awkward silences come, break it. Say something. [Or be like me, do something funny or say a casual fact.




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