If you made up your mind and saying to yourself "I want a Russian wife", you'd better learn a little bit more before you start your search. Remember not only can the distance be an problem, but there are also cultural differences that can make the process of looking for a Russian wife a little complicated.


6 Ways to make a great first impression

The first impression you make on a Russian woman endures forever. And if you make a poor first impression you may never have a second chance.

Here is what to do:

1- Be Pleasant. If you appear to be in a terrible mood the woman will assume you are either upset with her or have a sour character. In either case, why should a woman see or talk to you again? Remember, the cost of being nice with a woman who might be your future wife is small but the cost of being horrible can be very big.

2- Be Positive. It’s easy to find fault. The world is not a perfect place. Russian women want to meet problem solvers not problem makers. Problems are very easy to find but solutions are more difficult to come by. If you want to make a good first impression on a Russian woman, bring her a solution, not a trouble.

3- Be agreeable. For example the words, "I agree with you" and "you are right", is the best way toward establishing an outstanding and wonderful relationship with a woman who you want her to be your wife. Remember Russian women are not going to spend much time with someone who always argues with them.

4- Admit your mistakes and flaws. No body have has ever been totally perfect for even a single day in his or her life, and men who pretend that they are make women nervous. At best they are oblivious to their faults. At worst, they are unwilling or unable to make rectification or correction.

5- Be sure to say thank you. As you leave your first date with a woman, say, "Thank you for spending time with me." This will make a very good first impression and will leave a positive feeling on a lady.

6- Finally remember: If you want to find the right Russian wife you must be the right husband candidate yourself.

Quotes from the web:

- I did find my Russian wife on a dating site, and I can tell you my experience with Russian women. Some years ago, I worked and lived in Russia for 4 years and I was in fact surprised at Russian women. Not only are they the most attractive and beautiful women I've ever seen, but they are very intelligent and traditional. They take very much pride in they way they look, you will definitely never see a Russian girl going out with no make-up and wearing sweat paints with hair up, as so many Australian women do. Australian women have became too disloyal, too independent, and they will divorce their husbands at the drop of a hat. Russian ladies are family oriented, very traditional and they take very good care of their families and husbands. It's interesting to hear my wife's opinion on Australian women, she says women here act like men (LOL), that they want to be the "head" of the family. I do believe that Australian men and Russian women make an excellent match. My wife and I have been happily married for 8 years not and everything is going great.

- In my opinion, the chances of finding Russian wife on free dating sites, VK and Facebook are full of potential dangers and extremely slim and. If you want a Russian wife, find a reliable and good agency first.

- I recently stayed in Russia for 3 months. There are scammers and there are good women. The potential scammer will want to go out to luxurious restaurants and have no problem with you spending a lot of money on them. The good woman will say "A restaurant? No, they are expensive, come to my apartment and I will cook for you and will introduce you to my family as well". From my experience, when you meet an honest woman for coffee and also offer her something to eat, she will say no, coffee is enough. I have dated many Russian women until I found my wonderful wife. To be honest most of the ladies I met were absolutely amazing women.
- Russian women are all different and unique, so you need to know what your looking for and look for that. I'm 52 and see these fools my age hunting for the beautiful 20 years old girls thinking they will love them forever. These women are very clever and good educated. If you want to score a girl 30 years younger, just offer to put 40.000 US Dollars into her account, buy her a new car and a bunch of other expensive stuff and you can do it. But be ready for that she will disappear and divorce you as soon as she gets her green card. Learn basic Russian words, study and understand their mentality and culture. Be patient and very calm. There will be many misunderstandings. Oh, and plan on going back to her country at least once a year to visit her family. For me, it's worth every penny and trip over. I have lost all interest in American women and refuse to even date one. They have nothing to offer me as far as I'm concerned.

- My wife is Russian and we have 3 kids rock solid relationship. We met on a dating agency. To be honest I couldn't have asked for a better wife or a better life partner in general. I'd have to say meeting and marrying her was the luckiest thing that ever happened to me.




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