How to make a Ukrainian woman fall in love with you?

any men try to win hearts of Ukrainian women. But why are some of them successful and others not?

Love is indeed a tough business and it's very hard to make a woman fall in love with you. Love is much more intense and involves deep feelings and emotions. Women usually tend to be highly demanding when it comes to the issue of love. Women are always looking for that perfect one who would love them and keep them happy for the rest of their life. You can make a woman fall in love with you if you become all that she desires and wants in a man.


Below tips come from Ukrainian women, who have shared their knowledge and experience on how men can make Ukrainian women fall in love with them.

1- Be yourself

One of the most generally supported belief among Ukrainian women is that a man should keep away from being fake in order to win a Ukrainian woman's heart. Elena: “Many men I meet try to look like supermen. Why? I am just a normal single girl who needs a man. It seems funny when they pretend to be someone else.” Ukrainian women feel insincerity very easily. Even if you are good at building an image of a macho, there is definitely no guarantee she will like that image more than the real you. In addition your true self will show itself someday leaving your woman really disappointed in you.

2- Be confident

Because in Ukraine a man is considered the head of the family, Ukrainian women are always looking for self-assured and confident men who can be caring and loving fathers for their children. Svetlana: “I always compare the guys I meet with my father, who is a kind and reliable man.”

Ukrainian woman

3- Learn your woman's weak points

Your woman's weak points can be her favorite songs, colors, etc. So you should learn them and use them cleverly. Marina: “Only some men know how to please a woman with a smartly selected present. Men simply don’t listen for this useful information in an everyday conversation with their women. But, I think that this is a very great thing which can make me fall in love with a man, because it makes me feel like he cares to know what I really want and like.”

4- Don’t be obsessive

This means your capability to give the woman some space. Olga: “Stalking and pursuing can drive any woman away. Occasionally it can be too much.” Though Ukrainian women do like attention, but they definitely hate intrusive and obsessive behavior. So, you must always let your woman know you are there for her when she needs you, but be sure not to follow every step of her way.

5- Be generous

Definitely being generous does not means buying expensive presents. It means the absence of greed. Anastasia: “If you meet an Ukrainian woman who is continuously trying to get another present from you, you should leave her immediately. These kind of women are shame to all Ukrainian ladies, and we have no respect for women like that. But if you invite a woman to a cafe or restaurant, you need to be a gentleman and pay the bill.”

Ukrainian woman

6- Gain your woman's trust

Try to become a man of credibility and authority for your Ukrainian woman. Because Ukrainian ladies have big respect for their fathers because they can trust them. Sonia: “This is particularly true if the lady has just visited your country and everything is new for her. She will definitely need someone to guide her and clarify the simplest things, such as how to fill out a form or how to use public transportation .”  If you are always there to encourage, give advice and support her, you will win her trust and love as well.

7- Don’t be weak and softie

Men, who follow every woman’s advice, agree with everything and don’t think for themselves, as a rule do not end up with a Ukrainian woman. Kseniya: “Softies men are not interesting for me. I even don’t bother to get to know them.” Ukrainian women fall for men with strong character, who can form their own outlook and opinion. Though, be moderate because tremendously inflexible men also risk losing Ukrainian ladies' interest.

8- Be an independent man

Avoid showing a Ukrainian woman that you are dependent on another, whether it is your parents, friends or even the woman herself. Alina: “I really hate it when a man turns out to be a mama's little boy. I am certainly not going to allow another woman rule my private life.” So you need to be an independent, free and strong decision maker to impress your Ukrainian woman.


Quotes from the web:

- Question: How to make women fall in love with me?

- Answer 1: Well if you want women to fall in love with you then here's what you have to do ;

1. Be caring, act like you only want to devote your time to them
2. Always be ice
3. Try to take the girls' side in a gender battle
4. Be loving, show your feminine side
5. Smile a lot when you are around them
6. Make cute, yet funny jokes that don't offend them
7. Never cheat
8. When you are around your friends, don't act like a typical man, act just as nice as you were when you were talking to the women
9. Be clean-cut, take care of yourself.
10. Never ignore women, ever. Unless they are being stalkers (which if you do these things, you will be getting lots of those), if thy ignore you, ask what's going on. confront them about everything.

- Answer 2: You cannot make women fall in love with you. However, there are some good ways to convince a woman to choose to fall in love with you. The process is called courtship. It’s old fashioned and has a high rate of failure.

- Answer 3: you can't make women fall in love with you. just be yourself and if they like you then that's awesome and if they don't, move on.

- Answer 4: You can't make her fall in love if she doesn't want to. You can make her feel pretty darn good, though. Just be yourself, if she happens to fall in love in the process, more power to you.

- Answer 5: You can not make women fall in love. It has to happen naturally

- Answer 6: You cannot make a woman fall in love with you, but you can do the things that attract girls:

- Be funny. women love to laugh.
- Be sensitive. women love to know that they are in your thoughts and that you care.
- Be gentle. women prefer to feel a soft touch and a sense a tenderness about you.
- Be thoughtful. women love a card for no reason, or going to a place that they mentioned liking.

There are more things to be, but you get the idea.

- Answer 7: That's easy. Become the absolute best man you can. Educate yourself non stop about all kinds of things, especially relationships. If someone is attracted to you and then they start to get to know you, all those wonderful traits will help them fall in love with you. So the answer is - never stop trying to be the best you can be.

- Answer 8: Be humorous, witty, charming and make the woman feel like she is the most special woman on the planet...

- Answer 9: If you want to make a woman love you firstly make sure you have a good friendship with her. Then be by her in all her ups and downs and make sure to give her that feeling of security which only your presence can give her. Make her feel happy and contented as she is. Maintain good sense of humor to make her laugh. Have maturity so she can rely on you and trust you. Don't touch her in the wrong way unless she signals you for it. Dominate over her and show your manliness but make sure she doesn't feel depressed and suppressed. Finally initialize with a good gift and a sweet love letter to show your romanticism oh yes finally humorous love men who can give them significance and respect in front of other women and men specially the men friends.

- Answer 10: Appeal right to her heart- Yes we all know there is a big connection between heart and love therefore the best way to make a girl fall in love with you is to appeal right to her heart. Now by this it means appeal to her emotions and get her to involve her emotions. If a woman feels emotionally attached to you than your job of making her falling in love with you is half done.

- Answer 11: Be the one who clicks- women are always looking out for males who are the so called ones and with whom girls can spend the rest of their lives with. So how to become this one and only who would click? The best way to do this is to be everything and have every ingredient which a woman would expect in her man whom she would love.

- Answer 12: Be the prince charming- Every girl expects that a prince charming would come into their life some day who would love them with all his heart. Life is not much of a fairy tale but girls do want it to be that way. The best way to make women fall in love with you is to become that very prince charming that they expect. Whenever you spend time with her make it the best time of her life and make her enjoy your company. Women normally tend to fall in love with guys whom they feel comfortable and safe around.

- Answer 13: The absolute best ways to persuade a woman to love you are to be honest, sincere, and be a friend when she needs one. Keep your pants zipped, because friendship in the truest sense seldom involves sex.

- Answer 14: Allow yourself to be emotionally available. Finally keep your priorities straight, be responsible and develop within yourself the qualities of sincere kindness, integrity and honor. Not everyone will appreciate these things but when you become your best, the love of a good woman will follow naturally.




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