The dress code for Ukrainian and Russian women

ashion is a part of culture. Whilst in some Middle Eastern and Arabic countries ladies are not allowed to show more than 5% of their skin, Russian and Ukrainian women may dress rather provocatively and challenging to a foreign man.


If you are a Ukrainian woman you have to chase a certain dress code for any occasion. Wearing stained or rumpled clothes is unacceptable for Ukrainian and Russian women. On the other hand, they go far beyond that. They say that Russian and Ukrainian woman in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe are always recognizable: make-up, high heels and sexy, almost provocative outfits. It may seem that these women have the following attitude on this subject: If you have a slim and gorgeous body, why hide it? But, of course there are many causes for these fashion inclinations in Ukraine and Russia:

mini skirt

- Some psychologists think that the main reason is that a extensive choice of clothes is still a novelty in Ukraine. In Soviet times Ukrainian women could not wear anything exceptional. Definitely it was not the matter of money, but the matter of shortage. Shops were stuffed with the same shoes and clothes. Women that wanted to buy something special from what their friends wore would have to go to a foreign country, which was out of the question then. Consequently after the Soviet Union ended, clothes and other goods flooded Ukraine and Russia causing some kind of cultural shock. Currently Ukrainian and Russian women are not only after provocative outfits, but after dressing in an eye-catching, attractive and bright style.

women in mini skirt

- In general shoes and clothes come to Ukraine and Russia mostly from Turkey, which is the country where Ukrainian and Russian women can easily travel to (they don’t need an entry visa) and where they in fact spend most of their vacations. Traders go to Turkey and buy lots of cheap shoes and clothes of very good quality.

- While in Western countries women are feministic, Ukrainian and Russian women are more traditional. They don’t believe that a man can fall in love with a woman's personality or her brain. At least they know that first a woman needs to be noticed by a man. While women in the west do not do much to attract men physically (except gold digger women), Ukrainian and Russian women believe that a woman should look like a WOMAN, so it involves mini skirt, high-heeled shoes, cosmetics and slightly (or highly) provocative clothing.

Women in mini skirt and high heels

Quotes from the web:

Russian women are awesome! All the ones I know are very good looking, their accent is sexy as hell, Its really cute when they don't know exactly how to say something the right way in English. If I ever break down and decide to sell my soul and get married it would most definitely be with a Russian woman!




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