Choosing a wedding ring for a Russian or Ukrainian woman

n Europe, a couple as a rule buys a wedding ring for the bride. In Ukraine, Russia and Belarus there is no firm rule about it, and it generally depends on what the couple decides to do; have an engagement celebration and a wedding, or just the wedding party. If money allows you, you may purchase an engagement ring for a romantic proposal. But you must be ready to buy another ring, since wearing a plain wedding band without a stone is the most common thing for a Ukrainian or a Russian woman after she gets married.


In the Orthodox custom an engagement ring is worn by a Ukrainian woman on the right hand on the ring finger. A married lady must also wear a marriage ring on the ring finger of her right hand. If the husband died the ring is placed on the left hand to demonstrate that the lady is a widow. Though, Ukrainian and Russian women that move to other countries usually accept nd adopt the new tradition and wear the ring on the left hand.

If you wish to select an engagement ring that is right for your future wife on your own, you must pay attention to a number of details. Look at the kind of rings and jewelry she wears. Is it silver or gold? Does she rather some particular stone? What is her preferred colour?

If you purchase a ring outside Russia or Ukraine, your woman may be surprised by its colour. Because gold in Ukraine and Russia is much different than the gold in other countries; as gold in Russia and Ukraine contains more copper than usual which makes it redder.

Another issue, as you know, it is hard to find out the right ring size without asking her or her parents. But it will make your life easier if she wears a ring on her ring finger. If she takes her ring off when she takes a shower or sleeps, you can put it on your finger and learn by heart how far it can be put on. Then when you buy the engagement ring, you can just try it on your finger and see if it fits. It is that simple.

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Question: Would you tell me about your traditional Russian wedding?

Answer: My fiancé and I are both part Russian. Typically a traditional wedding lasts 3 days!!! We are not planning a "real Russian wedding", but we plan on fitting small touches here and there. Since we are other cultures as well (Ukrainian and German) we wanted simple things that will not clash with our other cultural ideas :)

- About 35% of marriages end in divorce and breakups are even more common among unmarried couples in the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe. So what is wrong? The truth is that a relationship doesn’t just take care of itself - it requires unselfishness, commitment, self-awareness, and motivation to change and grow.




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