10 Survival Tips for Dating Russian Women

aving a Russian girlfriend or wife can be the most beautiful thing in the world. In case you’ve never dated a woman who was born and raised in Moscow or in any other city of Russia, you won’t believe how supportive and loyal these women can be.

Unfortunately, most guys will never experience the beauty of dating such a woman. Yes, that’s the sad truth. And it’s not because these guys don’t dream about it. Of course they want that. I haven’t met a single guy who said “no, I don’t like Russian women”.

The problem is not that men don’t want to date these women. The problem is that they have no clue how to actually do it.

The biggest misconception that most men have is that dating a Russian woman is the same as dating a Western woman. They think that they have to say the exact same things and behave in the exact same way in order to succeed.

You can believe me when I say that it’s definitely not the same. In fact, it couldn’t be more different. And I hope that the following 10 survival tips will help you to learn about this difference and to finally succeed with Russian women.

1. Dress to Impress

In the USA it’s cool to wear tank tops, baggy jeans and trucker caps. If you approach a Russian woman when you walk around like that, you don’t have to wonder when she rejects you.

You are not at the beach in Miami, so don’t walk around as if you were. If there is one thing that Russian women appreciate about men, then it is the way they dress. They don’t want to date a man who walks around like a hobo.

They want an elegant gentleman, a man who knows how to dress appropriately. Trade your tank top for a nice blazer and your chances of meeting the woman of your dreams will increase significantly.

2. Study the Russian Culture

There’s one thing that you should avoid at all cost and that is this:

Don’t even think about going to Russia before you study the culture.

I am serious. This is one of the main reasons why Western men fail to meet the love of their life in this big country. Study the Russian culture, especially the local dating customs, before you try to meet the local women.

Once you’ve done that you will know exactly what to do, what to say and when to say it. This will put you ahead of 99% of guys.

3. Try Online Dating

You are on this site for a reason. It’s not an accident that you landed on a site that allows you to meet beautiful Russian women. You are here because you are looking for love.

And that’s perfect. Because the easiest way to find love in Russia is by meeting your future wife online before you meet her in person. Seriously, try online dating before you fly to Moscow or Kazan in order to find out if this is something for you.

I promise you wholeheartedly that you will be amazed at how beautiful and friendly the women on this dating site are.

4. Keep Your Calm

What if you meet a beautiful Russian woman online and you then decide to meet her in her home town?

Well, it’s time to book a flight and to pack your suitcase. And it’s also time to practice how to keep your calm in exciting situations. I mean, you don’t want to sweat and stutter when you meet her for the first time, do you?

Most men forget how breathtakingly beautiful Russian women can be. They travel to Russia to meet a girl they met online and bam, the moment they meet her they are speechless. Of course I don’t have to tell you that this leaves a bad impression.

How can you avoid it? Imagine that the most beautiful girl in the world is standing in front of you. Now try to stay calm and confident. Practice this until you are ready to meet your Russian princess.

5. She Needs Some Time to Open Up

I know what you expect when you meet her for the very first time. You expect her to smile, to hug you and to smile even more. That’s what you would expect from an American girl, but that’s not going to happen when you meet a Russian woman.

She needs some time to open up. You can’t expect her to smile and to tell you that she loves you after five minutes. That’s not going to happen. Russian women can appear cold at the beginning, but they are the sweetest women once they open their heart.

6. Invest Time in Getting to Know Her

You need to invest time to get to know a Russian woman. Remember, Russia doesn’t have a hookup culture. These women are not like American women. They are not looking for one-night stands. They are looking for true love and falling in love takes time.

Tell her everything she wants to know about you. Share your childhood memories with her. Let her know about your interests and your hobbies. Connect with her on such a deep level that she can’t do anything but to fall in love with you.

7. Communicate that You Want a Girlfriend

Do you remember what I just said?

I said that Russian women are not looking for one-night stands or short-term relationships. They want all or nothing. She wants to be your loyal and supportive wife, but only if you appreciate this desire.

In other words, let her know that you want a girlfriend and that you are not interested in one-night stands. Let her know that you are a serious man who is looking for a serious relationship. She will love you for it.

8. Be Her Gentleman

One of the main reasons why Russian women want to marry Western men is because of the ideal image they have in mind. When a Russian woman thinks about Western men, especially Americans, she imagines a gentleman who treats her with respect.

This is a side that she’s missing from the local men. That’s why it’s so important that you open the door for her, give her compliments and bring her flowers. Being a gentleman is the way to win the heart of a Russian woman.

9. Impress Her with Russian Compliments

I’m sure that you will enjoy your first date with your future Russian girlfriend. And yes, it’s very likely that she will speak at least some English. So don’t worry too much about communication problems. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t impress her by speaking Russian to her.

Don’t worry. I don’t expect you to be fluent. All I want to say is that it might be a good idea to learn one or two compliments in Russian. Just imagine her face when you take her out to dinner and surprise her with a Russian compliment. She won’t be able to stop smiling.

10. Let Her Know that This Was Not the Last Date

Just because you enjoyed the first date, doesn’t mean that the second date can’t get better. She wants to meet you again and she wonders if you want the same.

Don’t leave her in the dark. Let her know that you want to see her again and that you can imagine a relationship with her. If you do that, she’ll look even more beautiful on the second date.




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